Immerse yourself in our virtual showroom tour

To provide our clients with the extensive PBS Office & Interiors ‘Living Office’ experience, we’ve created a virtual tour of our brand new showroom at IFC5.

Our stylish showroom brings a taste of Living Office and workplace design to the Channel Islands. The space allows the perfect opportunity for us, our clients and the business community to network together, as well as provide a vehicle for learning about current and future challenges and trends that affect the working environment.

We believe that offices should be designed based around the activities that people carry out throughout the day. There are conversations, meetings, creative sessions, tasks that require peace and quiet, and we're here to help you create a space designed to facilitate all of these elements.

We’re delighted that our clients can now see our vision in practice through our virtual tour - an enormous thank you to M3D for creating an impressive and innovative experience.]


Immerse yourself in our virtual showroom tour