Want to save your business money?

Our One Source Audit can deliver immediate savings for your business.

How do we do this?

We identify your core products, buying habits, patterns and the frequency and quantity of your purchases. We then review administrative procedures and measure existing stock levels to evaluate pricing and implement stock standardisation, control and security.

Our One Source Audit covers the following areas: Office Supplies, Cleaning Products and Copier and Print Management Software.

Over the past year we have saved businesses between 12 and 40% of their annual office spend.

The PBS Group is dedicated to providing excellence in digital office technologies, services and IT solutions. We measure our success in terms of our ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, employees, partners and community in quality, service and honesty. 



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Office Supplies

Office products is a key area where savings can be made. Many office environments use branded stationery items but our non-branded alternative products never compromise on quality. Our award-winning Initiative range, exclusive to Integra partners, offers excellent value. The products are sourced from industry leading manufacturers who have to meet the highest quality control standards and adhere to strict social and environmental responsibility criteria. The result is a trusted and reliable product range for the stylish, modern office.

PBS Business Solutions was awarded 'Initiative member of the Year' in 2016.


Copier and Print Management

Many organisations are unaware of the opportunity to make significant savings through simply managing their print and copying infrastructure more effectively. Managed Print Services, is one of the easiest ways to control expenditure, enhance document security, drive business efficiency and improve workflow. With software tools and services which are customised to the individual needs of your business, our Managed Print Services solutions offer total control. Analysis

enables us to recommend strategies that are backed by a solid financial business case and are appropriate for your environment and business culture.

Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

We have a comprehensive range of cleaning products, glassware, china, cutlery and washroom dispensing systems as well as laundry products for all sectors including hospitality, education and industry. With direct relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, we have the products, resources and expert knowledge to provide you with your everyday workplace essentials at the most cost effective prices. Our Rue des Pres distribution centre holds the largest stocks in the Channel Islands, giving us the ability to offer a same-day delivery service.

Research is key to making savings

Research shows that general stationery items can cost 125% more than the actual purchase price. This is mainly due to hidden costs such as waste or simply sitting in your stockroom. These costs can add up over the course of a financial year.

For example

It is estimated that every £500 spent on office supplies will probably cost your business over £1000. This figure is the result of extensive research carried out in the current UK market.   




Our service and the time it takes.

Our audit focuses on current spend over a three to six month period, allowing us to analyse your business purchasing trends and patterns. A complete product, service and purchase profile will be formulated from data supplied by you.

The audit process starts with the following:

1- We will meet you at your office - this helps us to build your business profile.

2 - You will need to have done some homework and prepared a set of invoices from at least a three-month period (minimum) in advance of the meeting.

3 - We will need approximately 45 minutes of your time.

4 - We will then conduct our audit and prepare our proposal. 


The next step

Once the audit is complete we invite you to review our findings and provide you with a comprehensive, personalised report detailing the benefits and savings you can make. 

The proposal explains how we can drive down your costs and maximise workplace performance.



Our service doesn't stop at the proposal

We will help you to implement the cost saving recommendations and put in place procedures to ensure long-term profitable benefits.

Our experienced team will ensure that your personalised implementation plan is seamlessly put into practice so you see instant results. They will work with you to identify the most important areas of the proposal that you wish to put into practice.

Our team will work with all users involved in the operational function to ensure they are fully trained. We take care of every detail including your online ordering user profiles and permissions, ordering preferences, setting pricing, invoicing options and comprehensive management reporting which we will present during our regular account reviews.

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